Enjoy the Peace of Mind Knowing That Your Location and Assets are Always Being Watched

Nothing brings peace of mind as much as knowing that your burglar and fire alarms are being monitored at all times. Having your fire alarm monitored 24/7 is a must. The most critical aspect here is ensuring that you have an enterprise response monitoring station watching and on alert to notify the authorities the moment the system goes into alarm. Being able to go home at the end of a long day knowing that you have a central station monitoring your burglar alarm for breach brings comfort that the assets you have worked hard for are protected. Hardwire is here to bring you that peace of mind.

There is no job too big for us and no job too small

There is no job too big for us and no job too small. We enjoy helping protect the assets of our customers. If you have a fire alarm – we have you covered. If you choose to have a burglar alarm to protect your assets – we can ensure you are covered 24/7 with a live response team.